Lifestyle Health Plans

What makes Lifestyle Health Plans different?

Control your health care costs by, addressing the underlying chronic health and lifestyle issues of members and their families

Health care costs are consistently listed as one of the greatest concerns facing individuals and business owners today. Lifestyle Health Plans believes that the only way to truly manage health care costs is to improve the health and wellness of its’ members. They are dedicated to offering quality, affordable health benefit solutions for their members and sponsoring employers. Their innovative plan designs, alternative funding structure, integrated wellness and lifestyle improvement programs and member incentives provide a unique and personalized solution for your health benefits.

Plan Features:

  • Integrated, personalized wellness program to motivate and incentives members toward sustainable lifestyle and health-related behavioral change.
  • $500 annual wellness incentive available to all participating employees and their spouses.
  • Annual health risk assessments to engage and empower members to take steps toward lifestyle health improvements.
  • 100% lab benefit.
  • 100% diabetic supply benefits.
  • 100% telemedicine benefits.
  • National and regional PPO network access to leading health care provider partners

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Improving Your Health Care Costs By Improving Your Employees Lifestyle

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